A healthy glow, flawless hair and an impeccable style, that's how you can spot our clients.

You're Always Welcome

Treat yourself with a visit to Céline, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, genuine care and a pleasant beauty chat.  

Our Specialists

Trust your beauty routine to Céline professionals. We'll embrace your individuality, pick the best looks and treatments.
  • Mary Ann Williams

    Art Director
    Mary has always been into everything beautiful and artsy and she never fails to leave her own signature on anything that goes around the Salon.    
  • Yoko Chive

    Hair Stylist
    A real hair goddess, Yoko refuses to believe in "bad hair" days. Maybe it's the result of endless trainings and courses all around the world. 
  • Marizza Bosquez

    Make Up Artist
    Having portuguese roots and a deep professional background, Marizza knows exactly how to embrace your natural beauty and emphasize your finest features.

A carefully picked playlist at Céline

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